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This 14pt uncoated card stock is the perfect thickness for folding business cards that stay flat when folded. Your folding business cards are available as a 7" x 2" or 3.5" x 4" flat size that is scored to fold to a standard 3.5" x 2" business card size. 


This truly uncoated card stock has a natural look that gives your artwork and colours a more subdued look when compared to coated cardstocks. This uncoated cardstock can also be written on with a pencil or pen and even stamped without any worry of smudges.


Orders of 100 or 250 folding business cards are printed on the digital press with toner that sits on top of the stock, so if your art requires heavy coverage we suggest you order 500 or more cards as these are printed on the offset press with wet inks that absorb into the stock. 

*If you order multiple sets of cards requiring both methods of printing there will be obvious colour differences between your digital and offset printed cards.

Can Uncoated Cards Have Frayed Edges?

It is common to see "frayed / rough edges" on uncoated stocks, especially with ink coverage that extends to the edge of the cards. When a stock is not coated the fibres can break loose when trimmed. Choosing a coated or laminated card will help avoid this issue.

Are Colours Subdued On Uncoated Cards?

Uncoated stocks produce subdued, muted colours that may appear dull compared to coated stocks with low lustre aqueous or high gloss UV coatings.

Can Uncoated Cards Crack If Scored?

The fiber in uncoated cards may break when scored to fold, producing what appears to be cracks in the paper. If you don't like crack we suggest, you choose a coated stock instead.

Can Grey Colours Shift?

CMYK Process colours in the grey range and de-saturated images can shift in colour throughout the print run and may cause the greys to appear either cooler or warmer. For a neutral grey, we recommend converting all grey values and de-saturated images to true greyscale consisting of K (black) only values.

Is there colour variation on solid blue?

Due to the nature of club-run printing, you may experience colour variation in solid fills of blue/ For great blue results, we recommend a 30% difference between your Cyan and Magenta levels to ensure a nice rich dark blue, rather than purple.

Should You Use Rich Black?

For the richest of deep dark blacks in print use 50/40/40/100 as the CMYK value. If printing small black text (or knocked out text) we recommend a k only black (0/0/0/100) to avoid misregistration issues.

Can I Use Small Text On Uncoated Cards?

Uncoated stocks are more grainy and fibrous than other stocks, so if you are looking for really sharp lines or micro text a coated stock will be up to that challenge.

Can I Write On Uncoated Cards?

Write up a storm! Unlike our coated options, these cards work perfect as stamp cards, appointment cards, or a business card that you can scrawl a note across the back. You've found a match.

Technical Specifications + Templates

Bleeds: all files must have a 1/8" bleed on each side
Live Area: keep all critical text and artwork 1/8" inside the trim
Colors: supply your files in CMYK color (Pantone/RGB colors will be converted or rejected)
Resolution: 300 dpi minimum (400 dpi preferred)
Fonts: fonts must converted to curves/outlines (we do not accept fonts).
Transparencies: flatten all transparencies
Types Of Files We Accept: MAC & PC files from Photoshop (PSD), Illustrator (EPS or AI), CorelDraw (CDR or EPS), Adobe Acrobat PDF, TIFF or JPEG.

Trim SizeFile SizeTemplate
3.5" x 4" fold to 3.5" x 2"3.75" x 4.25"DOWNLOAD
4" x 3.5" fold to 2" x 3.5"4.25" x 3.75"DOWNLOAD
7" x 2" fold to 3.5" x 2"7.25" x 2.25"DOWNLOAD
2" x 7" fold to 2" x 3.5"2.25" x 7.25"DOWNLOAD

Specialty Tutorials

Print Specifications

Offset Printed using Stochastic Screens
14pt Uncoated Card Stock, 30% post-consumer waste
Full Colour Both Sides (4/4) or Full Colour One Side (4/0), using soy-based inks

Uncoated Folding Business Cards 14pt

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