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Terms + Conditions

Terms & Conditions Clubcard Printing, Clubcard, LLC

We know these things are boring, but we really need you to read this all the way through to the very end; not like that book you sort of read in lit class. This way, you won't end up embarrassed when we ask you about the secret sub-plot when you check out.

The Big Picture: When you place an order with us at Clubcard, you are creating a contract to purchase goods and services based on the following terms and conditions.

At Clubcard we offer graphic design and printing services as well as products for sale in our retail and online shops. When you create an online account and each time you place an order with Clubcard, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions and to Clubcard's privacy policy.

Club-Run Printing: Our full color offset printing is produced using the "Club Run" printing method, where we combine your print job with many others and print them at the same time on large presses. This is actually where the Clubcard name originated. Combining jobs on club-runs allows us to gain efficiency, offer special papers and unique printing methods on the best printing equipment while passing on the savings of the shared cost of set-up, printing and finishing to you. To make this work, we require a window of production time to compile everyone's files, get the press ready, run the press, allow drying time and then trim, pack and finish up all of the individual jobs.

Estimated production times: We calculate estimated production times on our business days and operating hours which are Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm excluding holidays. We post the estimated production times for each product for you to consider and select when you place your order.  Estimated production times are not meant for projects with specific deadlines. Please contact us BEFORE placing an order if you have a critical deadline so we can suggest an appropriate solution. 

We Cannot Change Or Cancel Orders In Production: It is critical that you choose an estimated production time that will meet your deadline because, once your order goes into production, we cannot change, speed up or cancel your order, we can only respect the estimated production time you have selected. If in doubt - give us a shout!

Color Fluctuation On Club Run Printing: Because we are printing several clients jobs at one time on the same press sheet, we must adjust all color globally to get the best overall result for all of the jobs on that sheet. This means the color of club run printed items will vary from traditional color standards or swatch books and will not match exactly on reprints. With these factors in mind, color critical jobs are not suited to this printing method. A reprint, refund or discount will not be given for color fluctuations on club run printing projects.

We have options for color critical projects, please complete a CUSTOM ESTIMATE REQUEST outlining your project requirements.

Color Fluctuation On Digital Printing & Vinyl Sticker Orders: Due to the nature of digital and vinyl sticker printing, colors may not match exactly to standard color swatch books and there will be a degree of color variation on re-ordered products. To help you with this inevitable fluctuation, we offer color press proofs on digital and vinyl printing orders so you can see how your printed product will look before your entire order is produced.

If you decide to place an order without a proof, you are waiving the opportunity to catch and fix any errors or see any color fluctuation before the entire job is produced. In cases where a hard copy press proof is available but is waived by you, we are not able to offer a reprint, refund or discount if you are unhappy with the color.

We have options for color critical projects, please complete a CUSTOM ESTIMATE REQUEST outlining your project requirements.

Here are a few reasons your order might be put on hold or delayed:

  • You order a product and upload files that don't match in size, and there are no special trimming instructions.

  • You submit your files in the wrong color mode or with low resolution files.

  • Your files have information within the critical trim area that may be trimmed off, or the files do not have a bleed.

  • You indicate that you need your project ready on a date that does not match the production time selected.

Delays can be avoided by preparing your files according to the file preparation specifications we provide online. You can always contact us with questions or special requests before placing an order, we are happy to help. In other words - measure twice and you can teach a guy to fish for life or something.

Proofing: We strongly suggest you see a proof on every order, even though ordering a proof will delay your order while we check your files and create your proof. Once you approve your proof, your order will go into production. If you are on a tight deadline or you are ordering rush printing, please take this delay into consideration.

In some cases, a hard copy press proof may be available and they're awesome as you can see your art printed on the stock you ordered; we call this a press proof. If the option for a hard copy color proof cannot be selected, it means the product is printed on a club run and can be proofed for layout only by PDF.

A PDF proof cannot be used to approve color. The appearance of colors will be affected by many variables including the paper or card stock, the coating or lamination and the print method. These variables cannot be accurately shown or emulated on an electronic PDF proof. Simply put, the color of your printed project will not match the color shown on a computer screen. When you approve a PDF proof, you acknowledge and accept these limitations.

Proof Approval: Once Clubcard sends you a proof, we ask that you very carefully review every aspect of your project, including the layout and all vital information. Double-check spelling, phone numbers, emails and urls on the entire project. Once you approve a proof, your order will go into production and no further changes can be made. Clubcard will not be responsible for incorrect spelling, grammar or punctuation or any graphic layout or content errors that are shown and approved on your proof.

No Proof Option: When you decide to place an order without a PDF layout or hard copy color proof, you are waiving the opportunity to catch and fix any errors before we put the job on press. In cases where a PDF or hard copy proof is waived by you, a reprint, refund or discount will not be available as a remedy.

Errors And Returns: Clubcard has a 7 Day Return Policy. We really want you to be happy with your printing, so if you find a printing error, you will need to notify us within 7 business days of completion of your order. If your order was shipped right after completion, you will need to notify us within within 7 days of the delivery date. Please email us at and include your contact information and order number along with a description of your concerns.

We may require you to send samples or return your entire order at your cost. In the event of a printing error by Clubcard, we will give you the choice to reprint your order or we will refund what you have paid. Orders may not be returned to Clubcard without prior written consent; we will refuse unauthorized shipments and return to you at your cost. 

Hard Goods And Retail Products

If you wish to return unused / undamaged hard goods or retail products (not printed or custom made) you must request authorization for a return from Clubcard and pay the cost of return shipping, The return must be received within 30 days of you receiving your order. A refund will be provided after we receive and inspect the returned item(s).  

Authorized returns must be received within 30 days of delivery or pick up to be eligible for a refund.

Graphic Design Services: Whatever the size of your design job, our experienced in-house designers are eager to make your ideas a reality. Once we have reviewed all of your instructions, we will either confirm you have selected the correct amount of design help or explain why it should be less or more. Either way, our project managers will finalize all your materials and provide you with a final estimate, based on the clarity and direction of your design job.

When you receive this final estimate confirming the amount of design help, simply confirm and order the product you need printed so we can move full steam ahead on your graphics job.

We charge $100 per hour for all design, layout or typesetting work, billed in 15-minute increments.

Due to the nature of the service provided, graphic design time is non-refundable once our designers have begun any work whether that work is used for your project or not.

Reprints And Refunds: In the event of a printing error by Clubcard, you will have the option to reprint you order or have your payment refunded. In either case, Clubcard may require the return of your order before we proceed with either option. Reprints will be of the same artwork with printing errors corrected and will be scheduled on the next available print run. Any claim of liability or damages against Clubcard shall be limited to a refund or reprint even if the original completion deadline has passed.

What We Check On Your File: Clubcard will review your files to ensure they meet the technical standards for printing. In general, we will ensure your files are supplied at the correct size, in the correct color mode including any special inks or finishes, and provided at a resolution suitable for print. We will also check to ensure that no information is within a critical trim area and that overall the artwork files you have supplied match up to what you have ordered.

What We Don't Check On Your File: When you submit files to Clubcard, you are implying that you have reviewed your files and they are ready to print according to the file preparation guidelines we provide on our site. While we will check your files to ensure they meet the technical standards for printing, we will not review your overall design, layout or size of your fonts, yes some people love fonts that small. Please be sure to design with legibility in mind.

We will also not check your spelling, grammar or the accuracy of dates or times, urls, qr codes etc. Maybe you do spell your name that way! Be sure to work closely with your designer to review your artwork before placing an order. We suggest requesting a proof prior to printing as an extra measure of assurance. 

Shipping: We print in facilities located across the country, please be sure to choose a shipping method that will get your order to you on time. Please see our shipping FAQ for a guide to shipping times. When in doubt, select overnight shipping! During the checkout process, you can choose various shipping methods and speeds. Please ensure you carefully consider the shipping method and speed needed to meet your deadline. Once an order is shipped, we cannot change the shipping method or speed. You agree that Clubcard is not liable for damage, loss or delay and any compensation must be requested through the carrier.

Damage or Delay During Shipping: If your order is delayed in transit, Clubcard may require several days to remedy the situation with the shipping company. As ownership of goods is transferred from Clubcard to you once the shipment leaves our facilities, Clubcard will not be responsible for delays or damage caused during shipping and will not be liable for claims of loss of business or damages due to shipping delays or for damage caused in shipping. You agree that shipping delays are not grounds for discounts or refunds.

Damage or Delay During Shipping: If your order is delayed in transit, Clubcard may require several days to remedy the situation with the shipping company. As ownership of goods is transferred from Clubcard to you once the shipment leaves our facilities, Clubcard will not be responsible for delays or damage caused during shipping and will not be liable for claims of loss of business or damages due to shipping delays or for damage caused in shipping. You agree that shipping delays are not grounds for discounts or refunds.

We offer Route Package Protection Insurance as an optional way to cover loss, theft or damage of your your order. Route generally resolves claims on the same business day. You can remove the service in the cart if you choose. We strongly suggest purchasing this insurance, especially in larger orders as most carriers limit compensation for lost, stolen or damaged items to $100 and their process can take several days or weeks to resolve.

More information is available here

Copyright Infringement: Clubcard must point out the obvious fact that the files you print must be yours in the first place. If you print anything that belongs to someone else, especially a corporation with platoons of lawyers, we will simply point them at you and send you our own sickening legal bill to boot.

Payment: Clubcard requires that all orders be placed online with prepayment in full. If Clubcard enables your account to have the option to pay by check instead of credit or debit card, your order will not go into production until your check is received. If Clubcard has extended credit terms to you, that option is subject to the separate terms, fees and interest agreed upon and your account may be terminated "without cause" at any time.

Returned Payments: Payments that are not honored for any reason will be subject to a $30.00 return or chargeback fee in addition to the full amount of the order and may be sent to third party collection if unpaid.

Refunds: When you place an order with Clubcard, you are asking us to incur material and labor costs to create a custom product that can only be used by you. Because of this unique relationship, we cannot refund payments on orders that have already begun production.

Storing your files: Back up your files! No really - back them up! Clubcard will do our best to keep your files, but it's possible a weasel might break into our servers and eat your files. Have you ever met a weasel? They'll do it!

Please always keep a backup of any file you upload to Clubcard. If you don’t and your files are inadvertently lost, or eaten by weasels, we'll be super bummed.

Sharing your account: We really don't recommend sharing access to your account. However, if you do allow shared access to your account, don’t freak out if someone you’ve shared access with screws up an order, uploads the wrong file or deletes your artwork. We'll leave that awkward discussion to you.

What you can’t print: Clubcard does not censor our client's artwork. We may or may not agree with your content, but we print anything as long it does not or appear to contain nudity of minors and is not illegal. No promises we aren't going to talk about it though.

Privacy And Your Personal Information: See our full privacy policy here.

Conclusion: That wasn't so boring was it? The sub plot of this is to back up your files because weasels are jerks and double-check your production times and the file specs before you order. Oh and check your proof very carefully: we all know how embarrassing spilling errirs cen bee.