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Sticker Printing At Clubcard Printing

Canada's Sticker Printing Shop

We've been printing stickers at Clubcard Vancouver since 1994 producing millions of stickers, labels and decals for clients across the Canada.  You can print as few as 10 stickers in custom or standard shapes on a selection of weatherproof, laminated, vinyl and non weatherproof paper stocks in one colour, full colour and foil colours.


Full Colour Weatherproof Stickers

Where else can you print full colour vinyl stickers in quantities as low as 10 units? Your stickers are printed in eye popping full colour on a range of vinyl and durable stocks with your order supplied on sheets, rolls or single cut stickers.

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Full Colour + Foil Non-Weatherproof Stickers

Not every sticker needs to hold up to the elements so at Clubcard we offer a variety of full colour or full colour plus foil sticker printing options in standard and custom shapes perfectly suited for your brand and packaging needs printed on traditional offset and flexo / flexography presses.
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Pantone Spot Colour Stickers

Pantone spot colour stickers are printed in 1 to 3 Pantone spot colour inks on a huge variety of white gloss, or matte, metallic gold and silver, natural kraft and bright fluorescent stocks.  Pantone spot colour stickers are supplied as single cut stickers or on rolls for easy application by hand or machine. 

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Non-Weatherproof Foil Stickers

Add a luxurious sheen to your stickers with custom foil stamping, metallic sticker stocks and Clubcards truly unique foil effects offset stickers printed in unlimited custom foil colours.  

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Wall & Window Stickers

Add colour and style to your walls and windows with with custom printed stickers that easily apply exactly where you need them making perfect point-of-purchase and promotional signage a snap!

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Floor Stickers

Floors stickers are printed on slip resistant vinyl for smooth surfaces and indoor use or aluminium for outdoor and textured surfaces like cement. Floor stickers are a new frontier in advertising and marketing - don't leave money on the floor!

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