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Whether you are selling high-end clothing or handmade retail items, be sure your hang tags complete the final aesthetic. Natural kraft 18pt hang tags are sophisticated yet have a rustic feeling, highly desired by a wide range of retail clients and entrepreneurs. It's the inconsistencies in the cardstock itself that make every card distinct with random visible marks, specks and subtle fibers. Engage your clients with light brown natural kraft hang tags that feel substantial and organic.  

Natural kraft 18pt hang tags range in sizes and have 2 different sized hole drilling options and are digitally printed, allowing you to design your artwork in unlimited full colour and white ink at surprisingly affordable prices. Design your hang tags with a wide range of colour options and photographs on this natural kraft card stock and stay on budget.

When you print full colour artwork on one or both sides directly on the surface of your natural kraft hang tags, your colours will appear darker since we are printing on light brown cardstock and not white cardstock. Even though this creates a very desired look for many of our clients, you also have the option to add a spot white ink to your designs. The spot white ink is printed before the full colour artwork, giving you the opportunity to not only create white design elements and graphics but you can also "back up" your full colour artwork. Backing up parts or all of your artwork results in brighter colours, giving your designs a boost because these elements are printed on top of a spot white layer.


Of course, hole drilling for strings and optional corner rounding are great ways to enhance your design. 

White Ink Is Not Opaque

The white ink used in this print method is not opaque and is somewhat transparent when applied to the Natural Kraft stock. It is not designed as a solid ink, but is more for design elements or to be used as a white backup to brighten the CMYK colours. Please request samples to see examples of the white ink prior to placing your order.

No Rich Black, Use K Only Greys

For best results, don't use rich black on 18pt Natural Kraft stock, as it can cause issues with mis-registration. 100% K will be just fine. If using grey, a black-ink only grey will give also give you best results.

Separate File or Artboard Indicating Spot White Required

For spot white printing we require you supply a separate additional page showing the spot white areas (eg: images, text etc.). For more information on setting up spot white for the 18pt Natural Kraft Cards, you can view our Spot Gloss tutorial as the setup is the same.

Spot White And CMYK Layers May Not Align Perfectly

Tightly registered detail using spot white can cause 'haloing', where the spot white might not exactly align with the CMYK elements. Anywhere that the white and CMYK tightly register and end together should be avoided.

Some Colours Are Hard To Read On This Stock

Some colours are hard to read due to the colour of this card stock. Yellow/oranges, med browns and greens are good examples. When in doubt, default to a darker colour!

Small Fonts Aren't Good

The minimum recommended text size is 6pt. With any small text, if grey use a Black Ink Only version; if Black, use 100% K to prevent issues with misregistration.

Thin Lines Aren't Good

Anything thinner than a hairline stroke (0.25") - even at 100% K may look choppy when printed due to digital print resolution.

Print Specifications

Digitally Printed using Dry Electrostatic Transfer System
18pt Natural Kraft Card Stock, 100% recycled w/ minimum 30% post-consumer waste
Full Colour Both Sides (4/4) or Full Colour One Side (4/0) + spot white ink (optional)

Natural Kraft Hang Tags 18pt

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