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Maps can be overlooked and often taken for granted on how much time and effort goes into creating one. Until you need to make a map for a presentation or info graphic, you may not realize the amount of time and details needed to properly build a scalable map. Relieve yourself from this stress and bypass hours of tedious illustrations.


With The Map Design Toolbox you can have quick access to a solid variety of individual icons and illustrations needed for putting together legends. Give your maps life by adding transportation, building, and fun caricature figures.


This book comes with a free DVD loaded with 640 vector files of countries, cities, landmark buildings, and landscape icons. All fully editable and ready for you to customize to fit your map.


The book provides inspiration and a DVD with 640 ready-to-go vector files of not only continents, countries, and cities, but also compass roses, landmark buildings, place names, rivers, trees, and much more. These tools ensure that you can concentrate on the content and look of your map right away.

Map Design Toolbox

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