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Clubcard Vancouver prints postcards on 14pt coated cardstock in full colour with same day 6-hour rush printing, next day, or 2-3 business day production time. Print as few as 10 postcards pronto and we'll have them ready to ship or pick up at our Vancouver shop located in the historic Strathcona neighbourhood.  

Digital printing is an excellent choice for postcard printing on a tight deadline and even to print a small run of cards while you wait for your order of offset printed postcards to be completed.


This 14pt C2S cardstock is sturdy and well suited to large custom sizes or folding postcards that might not be cost-effective on our offset postcard runs.

You can also customize your postcards with corner rounding, scoring/folding, and hole drilling to make them fit many roles.

Can I Get A Colour Proof For 14pt Coated Cards?

If you are concerned about colour, be sure to request a printed proof for this product. This gives you a chance to see how the colours and finish turns out before we print your project.

Should I Use Solid Coverage With 14pt Coated Cards?

Due to limitations with digital printing, solid coverage colours may show striations or streaks. We do not recommend printing artwork with large areas of solid coverage. The finished product may show mottling, striations and less than even colour results throughout the run. Make sure to request a printed proof when ordering these cards, so you get to see how it looks!

What Does The Gloss Look Like On 14pt Coated Cards?

This stock is coated prior to printing, and it is more of a semi-gloss sheen than a high gloss. When in doubt, ask for a free sample pack to review this stock prior to ordering.

Will Gradients Show Banding On 14pt Coated Cards?

Sometimes gradients aren't as smooth in print as they are on screen. Request a printed proof when placing your order so you can see first hand how it will turn out prior to production.

What Values Should I Use For Black And Grey Colours?

Unlike offset, we recommend using a 100% K build for black, and black only values for greys. This ensures the crispest edges and a neutral grey.

What Is The Difference Between C1S vs. C2S vs. Uncoated?

Depending on artwork, it may print better on Uncoated, or Coated stocks. For artwork with a lot of white or empty space, we would generally recommend an uncoated stock. For artwork with full and/or heavy coverage, we will recommend a coated stock (C2S). Artwork with heavy coverage on one side, and a lot of white space on the other, we would recommend a coated 1 side stock (C1S).

Is There Colour Variation On Solid Blue?

For great blue results, we recommend a 30% difference between your Cyan and Magenta levels to ensure a nice rich dark blue, rather than purple.

Coated Postcards 14pt

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