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  • overhead view of male on laptop and with tablet and coffee mug - clubcard printing blog
    March 7, 2022 Mike Wilson

    Earn More As A Graphic Designer - Here's How!

    Know your worth! Lowballing devalues not just your work but the work of all designers.  You bring talent and skill to the table and if a client can't see that - it's time to say goodbye. If you decide to reduce your bill or donate your time to a cause you believe in be sure to send an invoice for the full amount you would have charged with the amount zeroed out or reduced.
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  • Screen shot - Clubcard Printing Canada New website launch
    February 15, 2022 Mike Wilson

    Reactivating Your Clubcard Account

    Hey Clubcardster!   The new and improved has launched with improved security features, new product options and all of your favourite products.  Some of the great new features of this site include lower prices on many products with options to filter...

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