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Notepad printing on 80lb uncoated 100% recycled paper at Clubcard Vancouver is available in orders of 10 or more pads! The weight and thickness of this premium paper make it the preferred option for environmentally conscious professionals.  

Printed in full colour in sizes from 4" x 4" to 12" x 18", your notepads are be padded in 25 or 50 sheets to a chipboard backer and padded in the glue colour of your choice. If you would like a custom size notepad, please order the next largest size listed online and include the actual final trim size in your order notes.

Colours More Muted on Uncoated Stocks

Uncoated stocks will affect the colour of your print as more ink is absorbed into the stock. You will see less saturation in the colours compared to if printing on a coated stock.

Colour Will Vary

The upside of club-run printing is the shared savings, the downside is that we adjust colour globally to get the best overall colour for shared jobs. This means the colour of club-run printed items will vary through the run and will not match exactly on re-prints.

Greys Can Shift

CMYK Process colours in the grey range and de-saturated images can shift in colour throughout the print run and may cause the greys to appear either cooler or warmer. For a neutral grey, we recommend converting all grey values and de-saturated images to true greyscale consisting of K (black) only values.

Your Blue Might Not Really Be Blue

Due to the nature of club-run printing, you may experience colour variation in solid fills of blue. For great blue results, we recommend a 30% difference between your Cyan and Magenta levels to ensure a nice rich dark blue, rather than purple.

Use Rich Black

For the richest of deep dark blacks in print, use 50/40/40/100 as the CMYK value. If printing small black text (or knocked out text), we recommend a k only black (0/0/0/100) to avoid misregistration issues.

These Pas Are Perfect for Writing On

Write up a storm! Unlike our coated products, these notepads can be easily written on with any pen or pencil and even stamped without the risk of smudging. You've found a match!

Uncoated Papers Have More Texture that May not Work Well with Small Text

This paper stock is a little bit grainier than other stocks, so if you are looking for very sharp text, this might not be the best paper stock for that or graphics that require razer sharp edges.

Technical Specifications + Templates

Bleeds: all files must have a 1/8" bleed on each side
Live Area: keep all critical text and artwork 1/8" inside the trim
Colours: supply your files in CMYK colour (Pantone/RGB colours will be converted or rejected)
Resolution: 300 dpi minimum (400 dpi preferred)
Fonts: fonts must converted to curves/outlines (we do not accept fonts).
Transparencies: flatten all transparencies
Types Of Files We Accept: MAC & PC files from Photoshop (PSD), Illustrator (EPS or AI), CorelDraw (CDR or EPS), Adobe Acrobat PDF, TIFF or JPEG.

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Uncoated Notepads 80lb


Customer Reviews

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