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Clubcard Vancouver prints Indoor banners on premium 15oz blockout vinyl with a smooth surface and a backing that ensures light will not show through your art. The smooth surface of this banner stock ensure high print detail that looks great when viewed up close.  


This banner stock has a low curl factor so your banners stay smooth when rolled out and displayed so it's perfect for banners, flags, signage, trade shows, events signage. 

Adding metal grommets to you banner and signs makes it easy to hang and affix your signage anywhere.


Tips To Help Your Banner Last

  • Loose roll your dry banner with the design inside- never fold your banner 
  • Clean with a soft, damp rag. No cleaners or scrub sponges.
  • Keep away from solvents, paint thinner and alcohol.


How Do You Hang Indoor Banners?

Grommets or Banner Tabs! Clients have a choice between embedded brass grommets, or adhesive tabs to make hanging easier. Brass grommets are placed around the perimeter of the banner in 2 foot increments and are an additional cost. Banner Tabs are applied by you and are free.

How Many Grommets Do I Need?

For small banner, 1 grommet in each corner is probably enough. We also offer grommets every 2 feet, which is better suited to longer banners or banners that might be exposed to wind and other forces.

Not Intended for Large Areas of Ink Coverage

Depending on the colour build, you may get some streakiness in large areas of solid coverage. We recommend a white background for best results.

Only 150DPI Required, so Go Big!

We recommend 150 DPI resolution images for large format printing, so you can go larger than you might expect. Also, if designed for viewing further away, lower resolution could work for your purposes. You can always request a 12" x 12" printed proof on the actual banner stock, so you can see the print quality prior to the job going into production.

Technical Specifications + Templates

Bleeds: banners do not require a bleed.
Live Area: keep important text and artwork not meant to be trimmed 2" inside from the edges
Colour: supply artwork in CMYK colour (Pantone/RGB colours will be automatically converted and may not print as expected)
Resolution: 150 DPI minimum resolution
Fonts: live text should be converted to curves/outlines (we do not accept font files)
Transparencies: flatten all transparencies
Types Of Files We Accept: MAC & PC files from Photoshop (PSD), Illustrator (EPS or AI), CorelDraw (CDR or EPS), Adobe Acrobat PDF, TIFF or JPEG

Indoor Banners

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