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Premium quality foil stickers are stamped in one of 19 foil colours with optional Pantone spot colour inks printing on a variety of non-weatherproof, paper sticker stocks including;
  • White Gloss
  • White Litho *can be written on
  • White Gloss Removable
  • White Gloss Opaque
  • White BOPP (Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene)
  • Dull Gold Metallic
  • Shiny Gold Metallic
  • Dull Silver Metallic
  • Shiny Silver Metallic
  • Clear Polypropylene


Please note that standard shape squares and rectangles have 1/8" radius rounded corners.  


Foil stamped stickers are printed using a Flexographic (flexo)printing press  which is perfect for high quality, cost effective sticker printing at quantities of 500 or more with yout stickers supplied on rolls or single cut. 

    Technical Specifications

    No Bleed (standard): leave a 1/8" margin on your stickers from the trimline
    Bleeds (extra cost): add a 1/8" bleed to your artwork past the trimline
    Live Area: even if you require a bleed on your stickers, please keep all critical text and critical artwork 1/8" inside the trimline
    Colours: supply your files in Pantone colour only (RGB colours will be rejected)
    Resolution: 300 dpi minimum (400 dpi preferred)
    Fonts: fonts must converted to curves/outlines (we do not accept fonts).
    Transparencies: flatten all transparencies
    Types of files we accept: MAC & PC files from Photoshop (PSD), Illustrator (EPS or AI), CorelDraw (CDR or EPS), Adobe Acrobat PDF, TIFF or JPEG. 1 colour or greyscale stickers can be supplied as a rasterized file (PSD, TIFF or JPEG), indicating Pantone colour in order notes, however 2 and 3 colour stickers can only be printed from a vector-based file.

    Standard Shape Square and Rectangle Stickers Have Rounded Corners

    Due to the method of cutting, all square and rectangle stickers have rounded corners with a radius of 1/8" (0.125"). Square cut corners are available as a custom quote, however cost is higher due to additional steps in the cutting process.

    Square Cut Corners / Custom Size Stickers Are Limited To Square or Rectangle

    The Square Cut Corners / Custom Size stickers are limited to square or rectangles. If you are looking for custom shape foil stickers, please request a custom quote.

    What Type of Surfaces?

    Our stickers adhere to non-porous, non-textured, smooth surfaces, such as painted surfaces, metal, smooth sanded or finished wood, lacquered surfaces, glass, painted fiberglass, plastic, other vinyl, and leather. Surfaces like vinyl and leather that have been treated with Armor All or any other oily type substance must be thoroughly cleaned before application.

    These Stickers Are Not Weatherproof

    These stickers are printed on a paper based stock and not suitable for applications where they will be exposed to moisture.

    Foil Stamped Non-Weatherproof Flexo Stickers

    Original price $327.66 - Original price $426.72
    Original price
    $327.66 - $426.72
    Current price $327.66

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