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Printing your own floor stickers on slip-resistant 8 mil white vinyl provides unlimited marketing potential for every shopkeeper. While we've all seen floor stickers in use for safety measures, the opportunity to use your floors as ad space is huge! 


At Clubcard Vancouver, you are able to print floor stickers in custom shapes as well as squares and rectangles in sizes up to 48" x 120" - that's HUGE!


Vinyl floor stickers are designed for interior use on untextured floors and are super easy to install and remove on concrete, sealed wood, vinyl floors and marble.

Technical Specifications

Standard Shape Sticker:supply a file setup with square cut corners. No vector dieline required.
Custom Shape Sticker: supply a file that includes a vector path outline indicating the shape and size of your custom wall sticker. The custom dieline should be as simple as possible or the order may be placed on hold. Keep your customized shape basic and smooth.
Bleeds: if your artwork or background colour extends to the sticker edge, you must bleed those graphics past the trim by 1/16" on all sides
Live Area: keep important text and artwork not meant to be trimmed 1/16" inside from the edges
Colour: supply artwork in CMYK colour (Pantone/RGB colours will be automatically converted and may not print as expected)
Resolution: 300 DPI minimum resolution
Fonts: live text should be converted to curves/outlines (we do not accept font files)
Transparencies: flatten all transparencies
Types Of Files We Accept: MAC & PC files from Photoshop (PSD), Illustrator (EPS or AI), CorelDraw (CDR or EPS), Adobe Acrobat PDF, TIFF or JPEG

Vinyl Floor Stickers

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