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Printing vinyl stickers in Vancouver is fast, affordable and easy at Clubcard. Print your stickers in standard circle, square, ovals and rectangle shapes in full colour on weatherproof white gloss, matte, clear or reflective vinyl stocks. 


Print as few as just 10 stickers with the option to print multiple versions of sticker art on the same order, so if you order 100 stickers you could split the order to be for 10 sets of 10 unique stickers, making this a great way to print a lot and save.


Your stickers will be single-cut or supplied on sheets of stickers based on your selection at checkout. 

Be Sure to See a Proof

We strongly recommend seeing a printed proof of your artwork. Due to the nature of the Latex printing, some colours have a grainy appearance. Requesting and viewing a proof is the only way to preview and be sure you are okay with the results prior to printing. Any projects ordered without a proof will not be eligible for a reprint due to colour or quality expectations.

Stickers Have Rounded Corners

Due to limitations during the cutting process, we find rounded corners look better so all our standard shape stickers are done with rounded corners. If you wish to have square cut corners, please let us know in the order comments of your order.

What Type of Surfaces?

Our stickers adhere to non-porous, non-textured, smooth surfaces, such as painted surfaces, metal, smooth sanded or finished wood, lacquered surfaces, glass, painted fiberglass, plastic, other vinyl, and leather. Surfaces like vinyl and leather that have been treated with Armor All or any other oily type substance must be thoroughly cleaned before application.

Will These Stick to Plastics?

Although they use a permanent adhesive, these stickers don't stick to 'Low Energy Surfaces' which can include some types of plastics. We recommend testing some samples prior to ordering to ensure these labels will work for your use.

These Stickers Are Weather Resistant

Although these stickers are weather resistant, they will fade over time in the sun and when exposed to friction. If you need fully weatherproof stickers, please ask us for a custom quote of our Flexographic Printed Weatherproof Stickers.

These Stickers May Shrink Slightly on the Backing

Overtime stickers printed with bleed and especially those with heavy ink coverage may shrink slightly. You may notice uneven edges when the stickers are still on the backing. However, the edges will still be straight when applied.

Backing Edges May Be a Bit Rough

Due to the way these are trimmed out into single stickers, you may see some roughness to the edges o the stickers. We try to minimize as much as possible. However, due to the method of trimming, it is unavoidable. If this is a concern, we recommend our Flexographic Custom Shape labels available as a custom quote.

Removable? How Long?

Our 6mil Removable Adhesive stickers allows for easy removing smooth surfaces for a few months. After that, while still easier than removing a permanent adhesive sticker, it can be trickier to remove cleanly. Of course, this depends on the surface it is applied to, we always recommend testing prior to use.

Inks Are not Opaque when Printed on Clear Stock

The inks used to print clear stickers are not opaque, and we cannot backup with white ink. All CMYK inks will be semi-transparent and this can cause visibility issues, especially with light colours such as yellow. If you apply a clear sticker printed with transparent inks over a dark material, it may be difficult to see the artwork. We strongly recommend requesting a printed proof when ordering Clear Stickers to give you an opportunity to preview the colours prior to running the entire job. In most cases, the clear stock is best suited for high contrast artwork with a light background as the intended application (such as something white).

Technical Specifications + Templates

Bleeds: if your artwork or background colour extends to the sticker edge, you must bleed those graphics past the trim by 1/16" on all sides
Live Area: keep important text and artwork not meant to be trimmed 1/16" inside from the edges
Colour: supply artwork in CMYK colour (Pantone/RGB colours will be automatically converted and may not print as expected)
Resolution: 300 DPI minimum resolution
Fonts: live text should be converted to curves/outlines (we do not accept font files). Minimum recommended font size of 6pt.
Transparencies: flatten all transparencies
Types Of Files We Accept: MAC & PC files from Photoshop (PSD), Illustrator (EPS or AI), CorelDraw (CDR or EPS), Adobe Acrobat PDF, TIFF or JPEG

Standard Shape Vinyl Stickers

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