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New! UV Printed Vinyl Stickers At Clubcard

New! UV Printed Stickers at Clubcard

Clubcard Vancouver is proud to introduce our new UV sticker printing services allowing you to create standard and custom shaped stickers that push the boundaries of colour and quality with optional clear UV spot gloss and white ink printing. 

The big advantage of UV Sticker Printing is that this new press combines orange and red inks with Cyan Magenta, Yellow and blacK (CMYK full colour) inks to widely broaden the colour spectrum we can achieve compared to stickers printed with latex inks and on our flexo and offset sticker printing options.

VIDEO - Watch UV stickers being printed and cut!

We print these UV stickers in quantities as low as 100 stickers with the option to print different versions of art of the same shape and size in the same order. For example if you have 10 different designs at the same shape and size you can order 100 stickers with 10 versions at 10 each!

We currently offer these stocks for UV stickers;

3mil Matte UV Printed Vinyl Stickers w/ Spot Gloss

3 mil White Matte UV Printed Vinyl Stickers

Printed in full colour using cyan, magenta, yellow, black, (CMYK) plus orange and red inks with a matte appearance making them ideal for adding clear UV spot gloss to highlight specific areas of your sticker design with a glossy sheen. 

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4mil Clear UV Printed Clear Stickers with White Ink

4 mil Clear Vinyl UV Printed Stickers

Printed in CMYK+orange+red inks with or without white ink or simply choose white ink only. 

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With over 29 years of printing experience, fair prices and friendly customer support Clubcard has printed millions of stickers for clients around the globe and we look forward to working with you on your next sticker project.

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