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Tree Free & Recycled Card Stock Printing

Tree Free & Recycled Card Stock Printing

Trees are essential sources of nourishment and shelter.

Trees have a symbiotic relationship with every being on the planet providing food, oxygen, shelter and medicine, converting carbon dioxide into the oxygen we breathe.  


According to the US Department of Agriculture “One acre of forest absorbs six tons of carbon dioxide and produces four tons of oxygen; enough to sustain the annual needs of 18 people.”

Elephants, koalas and giraffes rely on tree leaves as a source of sustenance and nourishment. Flowered and fruit trees sustain monkeys, birds, bats, bees and insects with nectars and fruit while providing safety and shelter from predators.

Clubcard is committed to providing conserving and sustainable printing options that reduce and eliminate damage to global forests. By reducing the reliance on trees for single use applications we are taking a vital step to ease our burden on the planet. 

Clubcard Printing is proud to provide a great selection of premium recycled, post consumer content, bamboo and hemp stocks for your projects. Together we can strengthen our brands in ways that reduce our impact on global forests and look beautiful in the process!

Check Out These Recycled & Tree Free Sustianable Choices At Clubcard. 

12pt Desert Storm Kraft Card Stock
This 100% recycled card stock is 12 points thick with a colour much like desert sand providing an earthy organic appeal to your art. Clubcard prints desert storm cards in full colour plus optional white ink in small to large sizes including postcards, rack cards, hang tags, greeting cards and business cards. We even print posters and card stock brochures on this 100% recycled card stock with fast 1-2 day printing times. 

15pt Uncoated Card Stock
This bright white 100% recycled card stock has a smooth uncoated surface and is made from post-consumer content fibers recovered during the recycling process. Post consumer content means no new trees are cut to make your cards - they're actually living a second life! Clubcard prints these 100% recycled cards in a range of sizes from small squares and business cards to hang tags, postcards, rack cards and greeting cards with fast 4 business day and rush printing times. 

16pt Bamboo Card Stock
16 point Bamboo cards are a tree free stock made with a mix of 90% sustainable bamboo fibers, (the fastest growing plant on earth) to provide strength with 10% cotton fibres providing softness to these elegant cards.  Bamboo cards have a subtly textured surface much like watercolour paper. Clubcard prints bamboo cards in a range of sizes with fast 4 business day and rush printing times. 

18pt Hemp Card Stock
18pt thick hemp card stock is a Forest Stewardship Council certified, tree free stock with a natural white hue that is enhanced with visible hemp fibre strands. Hemp card stock is made using green e-certified 100% renewable energy and processed without the use of chlorines. Clubcard prints hemp cards in a range of sizes including business cards, postcards, greeting cards and hang tags on a 4 business day printing time. 

24pt Chipboard Card Stock
This brown kraft chipboard card stock is a hefty 24 points thick and is made from 100% post consumer, recycled fibres. Post consumer stocks are incredibly earth friendly chipboard as they are made from fibres of stock already printed on, recycled and made into second generation stock. This chipboard stock is printed in full colour with optional spot white ink as a white back up to boost colour or printed alone as striking white elements and is a client favourite for business cards, trading cards, hang tags, postcards and rack cards that have an earthy, organic appeal.


Clubcard Vancouver has a 27 year history of printing for small business owners, artists and eco-conscious designers. Let's get your project on press today!

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